When it comes to recycling, mattresses are often an afterthought. However, these bulky items can actually be highly recyclable – up to 86% of a mattress can be repurposed into something new. It’s easy to imagine the fabric being used for ticking (the outer layer of a mattress) on new mattresses or the metal springs being melted down and remoulded for other products. But the potential uses for recycled mattress components are far more diverse than you might think. In this article, we’ll explore some unexpected and creative ways that old mattresses can be given a second life.

Art and Home Decor

The metal springs from mattresses can be transformed into unique sculptures or other works of art. Their coiled shapes naturally lend themselves to abstract designs, providing an excellent foundation for artistic expression.

Alternatively, mattress springs can also be turned into pleasing home additions. For example, the springs can be bent and formed into eye-catching home decor pieces like wreaths or wine racks.

Another clever idea is to create a “memory wall” using an old mattress frame. Simply attach the frame to a wall, weave in some string lights, and use clothespins to display photos, ticket stubs, and other sentimental mementoes. It’s a fun and personal way to repurpose mattress components.

Home Items

The foam from old mattresses can find new life in a variety of household products. Pet owners can give their furry friends a comfy spot by using mattress foam to make cosy pet beds. Chipped or shredded foam is perfect for stuffing pillows, cushions, and even eco-friendly packaging materials for fragile items during moves or shipments.

Interestingly, mattress fibres – particularly those made from natural materials like cotton – can even be repurposed into absorbent pads for cleaning up oil spills or other liquid messes.

Construction Applications  

Mattress components could also play an essential role in construction projects. The foam’s closed-cell structure makes it an excellent material for insulation or soundproofing in areas like garages, playrooms, or even music studios and home theatres.

The fabric covers from old mattresses also found their purpose as geotextile fabrics on construction sites. Through shredding, garnetting, and needle punching, the recycled fabrics are turned into permeable, dense mats. These recycled geotextile fabrics are then laid down as sturdy yet permeable separating layers between soils and aggregate materials like sand or crushed rock. Their strength helps reinforce soil structures and prevent erosion issues, making them ideal for stabilizing soil under roadways, building foundations, retaining walls and embankments.

On a larger scale, crushed mattress springs can be used as a form of reinforcement in asphalt for road construction. The steel coils are shredded into fist-sized pieces and mixed directly into the hot asphalt concrete. The metal springs help prevent thermal cracking and extend the lifespan of the road surface by improving elasticity.

As you can see, mattresses that may have otherwise ended up in landfills can find new life in creative, practical, and sometimes unexpected ways. From unique home decor to construction materials, the potential uses for recycled mattress components are limited only by our imagination.

At King Size Recycling, we’re committed to diverting as many mattresses as possible from landfills and finding innovative ways to repurpose their components. We invite you to join us in this sustainable mission by properly recycling your old mattresses. Together, we can reduce waste, spark creativity, and give these bulky items an exciting second life.