A growing challenge has been posed to many businesses that deal with mattresses–whether hotel chains or high street furniture retailers: keeping up with circular economy initiatives is not easy. Various factors contribute to this challenge. For example, businesses might lack the expertise needed to execute sustainable practices, or they may be unable to afford the investment in relevant equipment and manpower. Many Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) admit that the upfront cost for “Going Green” is intimidating.

However, it is inarguable that “Going Green” has become a dominant trend in the business world. Customers now care more about whether businesses are eco-friendly and are more willing to patronise businesses that maintain environmental responsibility. In addition, with only 24% of 6.4 million End-of-Life (EoL) mattresses being recycled each year in the UK [1], imminent actions are expected from businesses that deal with mattresses.

To solve this challenge, a growing number of businesses have turned to partnerships with mattress recycling companies, realising that this is a great win-win approach.

Benefits for Businesses

Enhanced Sustainability Image

Partnering with a mattress recycler allows businesses to showcase their commitment to environmental responsibility. This can attract eco-conscious customers and improve brand reputation.

Reduced Waste Disposal Costs

Many businesses, like hotels, regularly replace mattresses. Partnering with a recycling company can offer cost-effective and responsible disposal solutions compared to traditional landfill options.

Compliance with Regulations

Some regions have regulations regarding mattress disposal. This partnership can ensure businesses comply with such regulations and avoid potential fines. For example, The Waste (Scotland) Regulations require all organisations in Scotland to present materials such as metal and plastic for recycling, with hefty fines for non-compliance.

Partnership Opportunities

Mattress Removal and Recycling Services

Offer businesses convenient pick-up and recycling services for their old mattresses. For instance, when hotels need to replace their old mattresses, the recycling company can pick them up, take them to the recycling facility, and dismantle them for repurposing or recycling.

Educational Programmes

Provide educational materials and training for business employees on the importance of mattress recycling and the proper handling of old mattresses. These programmes can also target customers, helping them make informed decisions about mattress recycling and sustainability. Educating consumers about the environmental impact of products and promoting your sustainable solutions—from eco-friendly materials to carbon offset schemes—can enhance their support.

Co-branded Marketing Initiatives

Collaborate on marketing campaigns to raise awareness about mattress recycling among both your customer bases. For example, joint campaigns could highlight the environmental benefits of recycling mattresses and promote the partnership’s efforts to reduce waste.

Partnerships with King Size Recycling

At King Size Recycling, we have established numerous partnerships with various businesses to help them achieve their sustainability goals. We have successfully diverted thousands of mattresses from landfills. In the first quarter of 2024 alone, we recycled an impressive 4,525 mattresses and 613 bases, freeing up vast amounts of space from landfills.

Our current partners are diverse. We offer collection services for Morrison’s Bed Centre, Mason Murphy (retailers), Gainsborough Beds, Holiday Inn/Express, Apex Hotels, Glasgow City Council, City Building/Gap Group (local authorities), and Morgan Sindall (construction company). Quick and easy deliveries come from Joe Junk and Junk It (waste companies). Jaco Couriers offers a collection service to our North East-based customers and delivers to us for recycling.

And the list is growing.

Partnering with King Size Recycling not only helps businesses manage their waste more sustainably but also enhances their reputation, reduces costs, and ensures compliance with regulations. It’s a smart move for any business looking to stay competitive in today’s eco-conscious market.

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