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Environmental Statement

King Size Recycling Ltd Environmental Statement

We aim to recycle 100% of mattresses that have reached their end of life.

Our process follows the principles of a full circular economy. It involves hand stripping the mattress layer by layer removing and separating the materials which we bale and distribute into other industries who re-manufacture by processes:-

Mattress Foam will be chipped and made into underlay and insulation

Polyester, shoddy, wool and other insulators are sent to be needled which is a cleaning process and made into new rolls which can be used for stuffing, padding or flooring underlay.

Wood is chipped, for kitchen units, worktops, laminate flooring etc.

Springs are scrap metal.

Outer skins of a mattress can be shredded to make more shoddy, however this isn’t always cost effective and is normally shredded for Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) as it has a high calorific value.

We at King Size Recycling commit to converting  bulky mattresses to renewable products.

Our process promotes a full circular economy meaning every part of your old mattress can be used in some way to prevent any waste going to landfill and work towards a sustainable future.


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