When it comes to disposing of old mattresses, several myths still prevent people from making eco-friendly choices despite the growing awareness of recycling benefits. Here, we debunk five common mattress recycling myths, revealing the truth behind each misconception.

Myth 1: Recycling Mattresses is Costly Compared to Landfill Disposal

Truth: Contrary to popular belief, recycling your old mattress does not have to break the bank. Within the Glasgow Boundaries, for example, King Size Recycling offers a pickup service for as low as £30. For those willing to drop off their mattresses at our recycling warehouse directly, the cost is even more affordable at just £12 per mattress. This small investment not only supports the environment but also ensures your mattress is given a second life.

Myth 2: Mattresses Aren’t Highly Recyclable

Truth: This couldn’t be further from the truth. A surprising 86% of a mattress can be recycled and repurposed into new products. From the metal springs finding new life in construction materials to the foam padding being transformed into carpet underlay or padding, nearly every part of a mattress has the potential for a second life. So mattresses are, in fact, highly recyclable. 

Myth 3: Recycling Mattresses is a Hassle

Truth: With services like King Size Recycling, the process is far from cumbersome. Offering convenient drop-off and home pickup options, recycling your mattress can be as easy as a phone call or a short drive. King Size Recycling prioritises customer convenience, striving to provide same or next-day service for pickups within a 15-mile radius of their location, making recycling a hassle-free choice.

Myth 4: Council Services are More Economical and Just as Effective

Truth: While it’s true some councils offer mattress drop-off services for free, this doesn’t guarantee your mattress will be fully recycled. Councils often partner with recycling centres that may not specialise in mattress recycling, leading to partial recycling at best. On the other hand, dedicated services like King Size Recycling ensure your mattress is thoroughly recycled, with non-recyclable components responsibly disposed of or converted into biofuel, reinforcing the commitment to a true circular economy.

Myth 5: Landfill Disposal Has Minimal Environmental Impact

Truth: The environmental cost of landfilling mattresses is significant. Mattresses occupy vast amounts of landfill space, persist for decades due to non-biodegradable components, and can release harmful chemicals into the environment. Moreover, valuable materials that could be recycled and reused are lost, contributing to resource depletion. The environmental footprint of a single discarded mattress is far from negligible, underlining the importance of recycling.

In conclusion, mattress recycling is an accessible, affordable, and environmentally responsible alternative to landfill disposal. By debunking these myths, we hope to encourage more individuals to consider recycling their old mattresses, contributing to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. Let’s not allow misconceptions to interrupt us from contributing to sustainability; instead, choose to be part of the solution by supporting mattress recycling efforts.